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16g / Audiobulb Records

THE ALBUM The songs on 16g were composed between 2009 and 2011. Each CD comes in a unique package including an individual cover photograph by the artist. A duplicate photograph is matched inside the digipak with a signed and personalised message from Tatsuro. No two packs or messages are the same – they reflect the […]

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MIZUIRO for iPhone and iPod Touch

  MIZUIRO  ==  LIGHT BLUE “MIZUIRO” is rendering software designed in the form of a music keyboard.As a sound generator, a sampling from a real toy piano is employed to generate old-fashioned,nostalgic and tender sound inspired by the image of the main graphic.

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Trip Do Sunday / mohawks Records

日曜日に聴きたくなるようなメロウな楽曲や軽快な楽曲を中心にコンパイルされた コンピレーションアルバム。

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