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  TRACK LISTING : 1111 Transparency Flutter ntnt4 5:00p.m Seek 0103 Katai Hikari pipo recorded, mixed and composed by Tatsuro Kojima between 2011 to 2017 in japan. Released by: Eilean Records Release date: Apr. 17, 2017 More details: https://www.eilean-records.com/copie-de-04-04-17-sound-meccano-jur Artwork by Peter Nejedly Mastered by Mathias Van Eecloo Inside Photography by Mathias Van Eecloo Design […]

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Refraction and Reflection

THE ALBUM Refraction and Reflection has taken field recordings and synthesizer sounds and processed them in various ways to alter and reconstruct the original. Some of the sounds present are complexly processed recordings, retaining none of their original qualities, others are delicate noise, and then there are those which recreate the sounds of nature, such […]

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16g / Audiobulb Records

THE ALBUM The songs on 16g were composed between 2009 and 2011. Each CD comes in a unique package including an individual cover photograph by the artist. A duplicate photograph is matched inside the digipak with a signed and personalised message from Tatsuro. No two packs or messages are the same – they reflect the […]

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Trip Do Sunday / mohawks Records

日曜日に聴きたくなるようなメロウな楽曲や軽快な楽曲を中心にコンパイルされた コンピレーションアルバム。

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MUSIC VOX(momigai) / mohawks

ダークファンタジー、SFをテーマに製作されたレミ街+DJ MOTIVEのコラボレーションデビューアルバム

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Endress Endress(v6) / Audiobulb Records

Endless Endless provides an ever expanding organic arrangement space. Artists are invited to send 120 second tracks of ambient audio to Audiobulb. Tracks are mixed alternatively into the start or the end of the piece in a manner that expands Endless Endless. The project is entirely non-profit and currently in it’s 6th version. CONTRIBUTORS: Gingerdream […]

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